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What is the structure of Camp County Youth Sports(CCYS) 

CCYS is comprised of two leagues, ASA girls softball and Dixie Baseball.  Both leagues offer five levels of play: T-Ball, ages 7-8, 9-10,11-12,13-14. Also offered is intructional League for 3 and 4 yr olds. Depending upon the level, the playing fields are slightly different in terms of length of base paths, distance from pitching mound, and distance to the outfield fences from home plate. 

CCYS has established age cutoffs to ensure players develop appropriately in terms of skills, knowledge, and sportsmanship. While CCYS  has established age brackets that players need to participate in, there are situations where some players may play  up  due to safety risks upon approval of the Board of Directors.

Pitching distances are scaled to the ability of the players in proportion to the size of the diamonds. The scaled down diamonds in the lower divisions allow the players to make the same plays made by the upper division players on larger diamonds. 

CCYS  is managed by an elected Board of Directors that administer the league in line with established bylaws. The league is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization.

When is player registration?

Registration starts in January. . The typical deadlines for signups  is early-February. Late sign-up Fee is  $60 .   Refer to the online registration link during registration for exact cutoff dates .

Why do we have to register so far before the season starts? 

The number of players that register determine the number of managers we must recruit, evaluate and train before teams can be assembled.    Uniforms must then be ordered and practices are needed before the teams take the field in  April for games.  This all takes time and is done strictly by volunteers.  

Is there a family maximum for registration?

The maximum family registration fee is $100.     We will monitor the families with at least 2 players and issue refunds of registration fees where needed.  If you have this situation, please feel free to contact the registration director directly.

 How do I find out about player registration?

CCYS utilizes several methods of getting the word out to parents about registration. The main source of information is by our e-mailed CCYS newsletter. Please make sure we have your current e-mail address in our database so you get the information in a timely manner. Our website will also have the announcement with a link to the on-line registration and directions for mail-in registrations. 
GLL also place notices in all the area school newsletters and we supply printed notices for schools to send home in the Friday folders. Those schools that do not permit the info in the Friday folders will have the notices available in the office.   Several press releases are placed in the Advance newspaper as well. We also appreciate the word of mouth advertisement from parent to parent and player to player. Please let your friends know that registration is coming up in case they didn't see it.

 How do I register my child?

There are two ways of registering for CCYS. 1) On-line registration through our website starting in December through the registration deadlines listed for each division. 2) In-person registrations are held five  Saturdays in January from 10am to 2PM at the Metal Gym School
next to the cafetorium.

I  missed registration. Can I sign up late?

Please note that if your late registration is accepted, there is a $60 late registration fee. This rule has not always been applied in past years and has caused tremendous headaches for all directors involved with getting the league ready for the season. Note that this rule will be applied in coming seasons. Once drafting of teams has been completed no late registrations will be accepted.

How do I know you received my registration online?

With online registration, you will receive an email from our website with a receipt and confirmation of your registration. If you do not get an email, something went wrong with the registration and you are not registered. You are able to log back into your personal account from the website homepage and this will tell you what division your child is registered for.

To minimize the errors before teams are created and uniforms are ordered, you are encouraged to log into your personal information account. To do this, click on the Edit My Info button on the lower left menu button. All parents should verify that their child is in the correct division with the correct shirt size. If you notice that there is incorrect or missing information, change what you can.  If there is information such as birthdates or divisions you believe to be wrong, please email the Registration Director.  As registration ends, parents will also be able to verify what team their child is on and the contact information for the manager through the website.

Why do you need my email address?

CCYS is a non-profit organization. In order to save money, much of our communication is electronic through either our website or emails. We typically send out 8-10  updates about the league throughout the year. Probably the most important of these emails is in regards to registration dates and locations. At registration time, please verify that we have your correct email listed so we can update it in our database. Also, you can click the registration button at the top of the homepage which will add you to our e-mail list. Please know that CCYS  values your privacy and will never sell your address to anyone.

 Click for link to Boundary page. 
When does the season begin?

Please check the Broach Park  calendar on the homepage for exact league dates and events. Typically, the season begins on the first Monday in April.

  When will I find out what team my child will play on?

All teams  should be formed by mid  March. Your child's manager will notify you of the team's first meeting/practice. Also, you can log into your Personal Account from the webpage and it should also show what team you are on. If you don't hear from a team manager by the 15th of March, please contact a board member.

Can my child be placed on a team with one of their friends?

CCYS allows players to request to be on the same team as one friend in only the instructional divisions of T-ball  .  Note that both players must request each other during registration.  Remember that a request may be made, but there is no guarantee that it will be approved.  In the other divisions, there are absolutely no requests due to the player selection process of the draft.  The upper division teams are created using a balanced draft process that helps to promote even and competitive leagues.  Teams are not carried over year-to-year and are totally redrafted every year.

How are siblings in the same division handled?

Siblings are placed on the same team unless CCYS  is informed to do otherwise by the parents/guardians.  If your siblings are not on the same team and should be, please contact the Registration Director as soon as possible.

If my child is unhappy with the team they are placed on, can they switch teams?

Only in extreme cases does the league allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed.  Such requests must be made in writing to CCYS Baseball/Softball Player commissioner for consideration by the President.  Approval requires extenuating circumstances, so any request is highly unlikely to be approved, and in most cases we will ask the player remains with their team. Team balance is established early on, and changes of this type are difficult if not impossible to implement without upsetting the balance that has been established.

If my child decides to quit, is it possible to get a refund?

A refund is available upon request prior to the close of registration for the player’s division, less a $10 processing fee.  A refund due to medical reasons is available upon request prior to the start of the division’s season.  After Opening Day, NO REFUNDS are allowed.

Can I keep my child down in a lower division or bring him/her up a division a year early?

CCYS strongly supports age appropriate competition and development. CCYS does  allow players to move up a division early,     The only other time an adjustment may be made is when there is a safety risk to a player playing in their age appropriate division. At that time, a parent request needs to be made to the Board of Directors. A decision will be made to allow the player to play up/down. 

How long will the season last?

The CCYS regular game season usually lasts for 8-10 weeks from April through June,    twelve games.  The season is extended for players  District  team tournaments and a player may also be selected to the District  All-Star tournament team. Please consider your vacation plans if you have a child that may be selected to these teams.

Where are CCYS games played?

CCYS utilizes the Broach Park baseball/softball complex on loop 179.   Teams may travel to play some inter-league games with teams in the area.   13 -14 Yr olds play on the old High School softball field behind Big Green.

What days and times are the games played?

All teams in CCYS  are scheduled for at least one game a week, and in some divisions teams are scheduled for games two or three times per week. Makeup games will be fit in where openings allow and may change the number of games per day/week that a player competes in. Game days are Monday ,Tuesday,Thursdayand Friday will typically be the  same night every week. Game times vary by division and  generally will begin around 5:40 pm and 7:30 pm. It is CCYS s desire to have games be completed by 9 pm on weekdays, many times sooner in the early season due to school days.. It is recommended that players arrive at the field at least 30 minutes prior to game time so they can properly warm up, and managers can get the line-up cards ready prior to the start of the game, but please verify the exact time your manager wants the players at the field.

Who umpires CCYS games?

CCYS  uses a combination of coaches, parent volunteers, and paid umpires.  In the lower divisions (instructional and t-ball), the volunteers are either coaches or parents of GLL players in those divisions.  In the upper divisions , the  umpires are certified umpires and trained students.  These umpires are supplied by CCYS  All umpires are required to attend training clinics.     If you are interested in becoming an umpire, please contact the Umpire in Chief.

When will the practices begin?

CCYS targets middle to late March   to start practicing. The goal is for teams to be in a position to begin practices at least twice per week  before Opening Day, which is the beginning  of April.  .

How often and long will my child practice?

Practice frequency and duration are up to the team manager. Generally, it is recommended that T-ball teams practice no more than one time per week for no more than one hour.  Other teams practice an average of one to two times a week for anywhere from 60-90 minutes prior to the season and a few throughout the season.    

Where will my child practice?

CCYS division directors schedule field practice times at the park complex and old fields behind Big Green.,    Your manager will contact you with information regarding when and where your first practice will be.

What equipment will my child need before the first practice or game?

Players should arrive at their first practice with a glove, hat, baseball pants, and rubber molded cleats. A baseball bag is recommended to transport bats, batting gloves, water bottles, hats, and other items. top

Are there any uniform supplies my child needs?

A uniform consists of a pair of baseball pants, a baseball jersey, a hat/visor, and a pair of all-in-one baseball socks.CCYS will provide each player a team jersey,pants,socks, and cap/visor.  .

Please verify that the player’s pant and jersey size is listed correctly on your registration form.  The uniforms are the player's to keep.  The jerseys don't provide much warmth, so it is a good idea to purchase a long-sleeve baseball shirt in black or to match the color of your child's team.  Rubber cleats are highly recommended, and steel spikes are not allowed except for 13-14 year olds..

A quality leather glove is a must!  It is recommended to stay away from vinyl and simulated leather gloves that may be cheaper, but tend to cause the player a great deal of frustration.  It is impossible to form a pocket in gloves made of vinyl or simulated leather.  Therefore, the ball tends to pop out when the player attempts to catch it.  All players should bring a windbreaker, jacket, or sweatshirt to every game and practice, especially early in the season.

Are there any rules around minimum playing time?

Rules will vary per division regarding playing time. Continuous batting orders are used for all divisions    There are minimums for innings played in all divisions.

Are there time limits on games?

  yes  different for each age group.

How many managers/coaches can be on a team?

Every team has a manager approved by the Board of Directors.  Each team's manager can have as many team parents as they can find for practices, but only two additional coaches are allowed in the dugout during games.  Any manager, coach, or helper that comes into contact with players MUST submit a Volunteer Application to the league so a background check can be performed.

What are the responsibilities of a manager and a coach?

The team manager oversees the management of the team throughout the season. They are responsible for setting a practice schedule, developing a practice format, creating a lineup card for every game, and ensuring kids get their minimum playing time in each game.  Managers are the focal point of the team and must be committed to following through with managing the team from mid-March through the regular season.  Time commitment is usually around 8-10 hours a week depending upon division.  Managers need to be able to commit to be at all practices and games.  Managers also must attend a pre-season coaching clinic provided by the league, and a manager's meeting with the division director.  As well, they must schedule and conduct a parent meeting prior to the first practice of the season.

Two coaches are allowed in the dugout during games.  However, a manager may elect to use more than two coaches during practice.  Coaches provide support during practice to ensure kids get enough attention while developing their skills.  Coaches are under the guidance and direction of the manager.  Typically, a manager will design a practice format and have assistants take care of coaching small groups of players, assisting with batting practice, hitting fungos, or other assistant duties.  Assistant coaches should commit to be at all practices and games, generally about 6-8 hours a week depending upon division.  Coaches need to attend a pre-season clinic provided by the league.  All actions of an assistant coach during games are the ultimate responsibility of the manager.

Are there conduct rules that apply during games?

Absolutely. CCYS does not tolerate foul language or taunting at any level by the players, parents, managers, or coaches.  Any spectator, player, manager or coach that is warned is subject to being ejected from the premises by an umpire or board member and banned from the complex for additional games.  If anyone observes any conduct that is inappropriate, please notify the concession stand and a field director will be notified.  Please see CCYS Code of Conduct that every family has agreed to during registration.

Who is responsible for staffing the Snack Bar at BROACH PARK . CCYS uses paid managers and student workers to run the concession stand windows.    
Do I have to participate in any fundraising?

 To keep registration fees  low we have one fund raising campaign at the beginning of each season. Many cities are now charging as much as $100 per child. We also rely on league sponsors and personal donations to supplement our registration fees to cover the operating capital required for equipment, facilities maintenance and repairs, uniforms, etc.  Please consider asking your employer about sponsoring a team or purchasing an outfield banner.  Please note that CCYS  is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and any donations/sponsorships will be tax deductible up to the extent allowed.

Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be resolved by the league?

If at any time you have a problem or just want information, you can e-mail the league at any time. However, please first discuss any concerns with your child's manager, then with the division's director (who is a Board Member assigned to oversee that Division).  Contact information is on the CCYS web site under Contacts.  You are also welcome to attend a Board meeting and express your concerns directly to the Board with prior approval from the President.    

I am interested in volunteering. How do I get involved?

CCYS is made up of people like you who want the best for our kids.  We are always looking for volunteers for managers, coaches, board members, team parents,  , etc.  


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